Praise For a Unique New Autism Book

“A brave dad’s honest diary of raising a son with severe autism who has difficulty learning basic skills. It should be read by psychologists, family therapists, and others who are helping families to cope.”

Temple Grandin, author of  Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism

“Osteen writes with candor…occasionally heartbreaking, at times darkly humorous.” —Publishers Weekly

“In this remarkable and honest memoir, Mark Osteen chronicles the complexities of raising a child with autism. His family struggles with how to think about, and speak about, emotions so tender and powerful that even the joys of Cameron’s incremental victories are fragile. Happiness, for Osteen, is a “quartz contentment,” in Emily Dickinson’s unusual phrase, protected inside, like a stone. In the inspiring conclusion of this masterful book, Osteen and his wife come to terms with their feelings as they begin to see Cameron as an individual, rather than an extension of themselves. The ironic and inspiring conclusion is that parents of a child with a disability, not only the child, ultimately need to stand alone and find their own identities.”

Roy Richard Grinker, author of Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism and Professor of Anthropology at George Washington University

“As the father of a son like Cameron, with autism and severe learning disabilities, I can identify with every page of this extraordinary account. Mark Osteen writes with style and wit, but above all with courage. Fathers will particularly appreciate the honesty of Mark’s account of his personal journey to acceptance of his son’s autism. His poignant recognition that it was only when he started to accept that Cameron was leaving that he ‘got him back’ will strike a chord in many parents’ hearts. Every parent of a child with disabilities will recognize his tale of endurance, of struggles with teachers, therapists, psychiatrists, and of the stares of both sympathetic and critical observers in public places.”

Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, M.D., father to two teenage sons, one of whom is autistic, and author of several books on autism, including Defeating Autism: A Damaging Delusion

“This book tells a complex and necessary story about what it means to live with a severely disabled child. There is no doubt that, in the current market where autism narratives receive a lot of attention, One of Us tells a story that is different and which marks it out from the competition.”

Stuart Murray, Professor of Contemporary Literatures and Film at the University of Leeds and author of Representing Autism: Culture, Narrative, Fascination

One of Us is an exciting and unique new autism book for parents that can serve as an autism resource, inspiration, or just great reading.